$5 tickets on first run films
1 FREE guest pass on a regular movie
1 voucher for a small popcorn and fountain drink
FREE admission to a regular movie on your birthday
reciprocal benefits from participating Art House Convergence cinemas
discounts on theater rentals



one person



two people


Student or Senior

one student or senior 55+



one person under 18, must show ID at box office.


everything in the standard membership plus:
A Full Year of TickeTs
member-size popcorn every visit
A Ticket to our annual Oscar Party
A Red Carpet Bag of Swag

The beauty of an independent cinema is that its patrons have a direct impact on the ultimate success of the cinema. One of our greatest resources is people like you who come through our doors week after week, and who watch and engage in our films. We've got a growing family of members, and we couldn't be more appreciative. The amount of support that you give Midtown Cinema is astounding to us... so astounding, in fact, that we are determined to encourage our most loyal patrons and to shower them with special treatment. Well, here's a chance to be among our most loyal!

$500 - one person