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Stories & Identities: “Colette” explores the fascinating life of the famous French novelist.

“My name is Claudine. I live in Montaigne. I was born there in 1884. I shall probably not die there.”

So pens Colette (Kiera Knightley), the young woman from the late 1800s/early 1900s for whom director Wash Westmoreland’s “Colette” is named after. Colette has found herself married to Willy, a man whose claim to fame is his writing—though it is not, in fact, his.

Moving to Paris from the country to marry Willy (Dominic West), Colette is thrown into a world that takes a while to grow on her. While Willy loves riches, flirting and fame, Colette is content with the silence of the countryside... keep reading this article at the burg!

“Colette” is coming soon to Midtown Cinema. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this fascinating tale.

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