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Square Truths: Wealth, class and the art of the persona.

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

“The Square is a sanctuary of trust and caring. Within it we all share equal rights and obligations.”

So says the plaque in front of the new art exhibit at a prestigious art museum in Sweden. Christian (Claes Bang), curator of the museum, explains to everyone who will listen the importance of The Square and its call to social responsibility. And so begins the array of experiences in director Ruben Östlund’s newest film that cultivate the phenomenon of not just art, but presentation.

Often, personal art and the art of presenting go hand in hand. A chef presents his dish in the best way possible, for example, because he wants the participant to fully enjoy it. But that is outward art—what of inward art? What façade do we craft and hone to present to the world? What behaviors do we want people to see, what part of our lives do we want visible? How do we present ourselves?

Östlund explores these thoughts in “The Square.” At times awkwardly hilarious, and at other times extremely... keep reading on the burg!

Don’t miss this opportunity to see “The Square” on the big screen. It starts at Midtown Cinema on March 2.

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