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The Galilee Eskimos

The Galilee Eskimos

The Edward S. Finkelstein Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival

Comedy-drama (Israel, 2007, 90 minutes, Hebrew w/ subtitles)

Written by Jonathan Paz & Joshua Sobol; directed by Jonathan Paz

The great exodus begins at night. Men, women and children abandon their homes, taking with them everything that isn’t nailed down, as well as much that is. 

When the sun rises over this old kibbutz isolated in the Hills of Galilee, not a living soul can be seen -– except in the kibbutz’s old people’s home, where twelve senior citizens awaken to find themselves abandoned, left to fend for themselves and ward off the creditors who arrive to take possession of their deeply indebted collective. Fortunately, these are not any old senior citizens – these are the founders of the kibbutz decades before -– and despite their age, it takes little to dust off their pioneer spirit and start to rebuild.


Get tickets to this event below.



Get tickets to this event below.


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