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Down in Front! presents Streets of Fire!

Down in Front! presents Streets of Fire!

“The movie was promoted as a ‘rock and roll fable’, whatever the hell that is. “ 


This. Movie. Has. EVERYTHING.

Explosions! Motorcycles! Willem Dafoe in pleather overalls! Rock n' roll! Sledgehammer fights! Kisses in the rain! Punching! Explosions! A pre-Honey-I-Shrunk-the-Kids Rick Moranis! A young Bill Paxton! Subways! Fire! Streets! Explosions!

This absolutely bonkers 80's action film from the mind of Walter Hill (of 48 HOURS and ANOTHER 48 HOURS fame) takes place in some sort of alternate present and/or post-apocalyptic world that's a mashup of Escape from New York and Flashdance. Rock and/or Roll is king in this gritty it-might-be-New-York-or-maybe-Chicago world where rock star Ellan Aim (played by a young Diane Lane) is kidnapped by a bike gang led by Raven (played by a sinewy Willem DaFoe). Her ex-boyfriend is a mercenary played by Michael Pare, who teams up with Ellen's manager/boyfriend Billy Fish (Rick Moranis) and tough as nails who-hints-she-might-be-a-lesbian McCoy (Amy Madigan) who then...

You know what? The plot doesn't really matter. Come for the ZeroDay beer, and stay for the laughs and EXPLOSIONS!

Will the stalwart DIF crew - Matt, Jennie, and Stuart teaming up with special guest David Zayas - survive this testosterone-fueled fever dream?  Find out for February's DOWN IN FRONT!


Get tickets to this event below.



Get tickets to this event below.


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Rent out a theater for your group of 50 or less. Price does not include film licensing fee.

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