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Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past


1999 | PG-13 | 112 min

Adam Webber (Brendan Fraser) has lived his entire life in confinement in a fallout shelter in Pasadena, Calif. When the Webber family's rations of food and suppalies grow thin, Adam's eccentric father, Calvin (Christopher Walken), sends him on a dangerous restocking mission. When Adam emerges from the Webber family's subterranean refuge for the first time, he finds that rumors of a nuclear apocalypse were totally false -- and meets gorgeous Eve Rustikov (Alicia Silverstone).

FRASERFEST is a celebration of all thing Brendan Fraser! America's sweetheart has truly done it all in the world of Cinema: from some of our favorite nostalgic 90's throwbacks to high adventure to some of the best slapstick in movie history. Fraser has a 30+ year career making us laugh and making us cry - so in preparation for his much anticipated film THE WHALE, we are bringing the best of BF to the big screen!


Get tickets to this event below.



Get tickets to this event below.


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