Hollywood stars return to Harrisburg skies this summer, as Friends of Midtown brings a drive-in experience and big-screen entertainment to The Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center parking lot. Drive up and join us in-person in the parking lot for two retro childhood favorites! The event is powered by Midtown Cinema. Concessions will be available. 


Public health guidelines, including facemasks and a 250 person capacity, will be strictly enforced to ensure the health & safety of all who attend. Please review the health guidelines all movie patrons must follow. Portable restrooms will be available.

Each movie has two separate screenings each day: 4pm and 8pm. Tickets must be secured for each screening you want to attend. In the event of weather, rain dates are the day after and will be announced on Friends of Midtown's facebook page and Midtown Cinema's Facebook page. In addition, ticket buyers will receive a rescheduling email.  Friends of Midtown and Midtown Cinema reserve the right to change the screening dates, if necessary.  

Please be considerate and do not bring oversized vehicles or vehicles with oversized wheels. 

Thanks to our A/V partner JP Lilley, a huge and bright LED screen will be used to show the films, allowing matinees to be just as bright and beautiful as evening screenings!

Thank you to our sponsors! Check out our list of sponsors here. 


This is a drive-in event but a limited number of non-car spaces will be available. 

Tickets are priced per car/group space:

$15 for 4pm Matinee

$20 for 8pm Evening


PG-13  |  2h 7m



4pm matinee & 8pm evening



PG  |  2h 1m


(RAIN DATE 8/30)

4pm matinee & 8pm evening



Thank you to our generous sponsors! It truly takes a village to create events like these! Sponsorships still available: to inquire.


Friends of Midtown


Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center


JP Lilley


Capital  BlueCross



Auchincloss Family Fund

Beryl Kuhr and Patrick Bair

M&T Bank


Friends of Patty Kim

Midtown Property Management


Broad Street Market Alliance

WCI Partners


Midtown Cinema


Beryl Kuhr and

Patrick Bair

Auchincloss Family Fund

Farm Show left-cmyk.png


​In accordance with the Commonwealth's guidelines, the event will implement the following safety guidelines and expectations for all patrons and staff participating. We are excited to bring these movies to you and appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to keep you and your neighbors safe and healthy! 

Viewing Areas and Crowd Capacities

Each vehical will have a marked spot, allowing for physical distancing.  Each vehical (or group) must have a pre-purchased ticket and check in at arrival.  The event organizers will be closely monitoring crowd size and safety conditions to ensure we are abiding by all public safety guidelines and doing our best to keep you safe.


  • A maximum crowd capacity of 250 individuals will be allowed within the event arera at all times. 

  • Admittance to the event is witha  pre-purchased ticket.  


Masks/Face Coverings Will Be Required to Participate

All patrons are expected to wear face coverings when moving about in the viewing area. 

Universal masking is one of the simplest, easiest and most effective ways to limit the potential for viral spread in an outdoor group of people. The safety of every single one of our guests is important to us, so we expect all of our patrons engaged in this activity to take care of one another by wearing a  face covering.



  • Medical masks, paper masks, fabric masks, religious garments (such as niqabs and burkas), and bandanas are all acceptable face coverings. 

  • A very limited supply of single-use, disposable paper masks will be available for anyone needing a mask to enter the viewing area.


Practice Safe Physical Distancing

Social groups (families/car groups) must maintain a >6ft distance. Patrons are asked to be aware of their surroundings and proactively maintain a >6ft distance from other patrons outside their household group.

The CDC recommends a distance of 6 feet between individuals or household groups to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which can be transmitted by liquid droplets from breathing or talking. When paired with masking, these two measures significantly reduce the potential for viral spread.



  • Family or household groups can and should stay together, and do not need to maintain a 6ft distance within the family or household group.

  • Parents should keep their children close and prevent them from entering the space of other individuals/groups.

Patrons and Staff WILL Self-Monitor For Symptoms

Before entering a public space, and before taking part in these screenings, patrons and staff alike are expected to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and monitor their own health. If symptoms are present, patrons are asked to stay home, self-isolate and follow CDPH guidelines for symptom tracking and management. 

Put simply, Harrisburg is healthiest when we are all taking care of and looking after ourselves. The presence of one symptomatic person in a crowd increases the risk for everyone. Monitoring your health, tracking symptoms, and staying home if you are sick is the safe, respectful thing to do to help all of us take care of all of us. 


  • Symptomatic patrons are encouraged to stay home, monitor their symptoms and contact a healthcare professional if symptoms worsen.

  • Patrons exhibiting symptoms onsite should leave the area and go home to isolate, for the safety of their fellow patrons.

  • Staff will also be self-monitoring and self-reporting symptoms as well, and will be asked not to report to work until symptoms have subsided and they have been medically cleared for COVID-19.

  • Staff who begin to exhibit symptoms while onsite will immediately isolate as best as possible and go home as soon as possible to quarantine until symptoms subside or they can be medically cleared.


Hand Washing and Sanitizing

Patrons are advised to wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer, after any contact with high-touch surfaces or contact with a non-household individual. Further, patrons are strongly encouraged to thoroughly wash hands, shower and launder clothes after returning home from the screening.  Good hygiene is essential to good health. Frequent hand washing and sanitizing is an easy and accessible way to limit the possibility for infection by removing viral traces from our hands before we spread them to household surfaces or other parts of our body. 



  • Portable restrooms will be available during the screenings. Hand sanitizer will be available to the public at the restrooms and check in point to the viewing area.

  • Staff will clean and sanitize high touch equipment surfaces at the beginning and end of every event.


Practice Courtesy

We are asking all of our patrons and event staff to follow these guidelines and policies as a common courtesy for one another, and for the city we call home. We should all be comfortable and safe here and focusing on your own precautionary measures and respecting the boundaries and space of others is a key way to make that happen. Please keep in mind that not everyone at the event with you is at the same comfort level. Our goal is to make everyone safe and comfortable in our parks, so we require and expect our patrons and staff to follow all of these listed guidelines as a baseline to ensure anyone who wants to can enjoy our program. 


  • Help everyone maintain safe physical distancing by staying in your space once you are settled.

  • As you stay in your area, please limit your movements

  • Keep your mask on at all times, unless eating or drinking (while seated).

  • Remember that not everyone is at the same comfort level. Focus on making sure you, AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU, is safe and comfortable.